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146x Cat
114x Dog
87x Butterfly
83x Hat
81x Bell
73x Gloves
72x Rope
70x Umbrella
69x Star
68x Horse
The Hidden and Chronicles game caught our attention and we decided to create these pages, where you can find walkthroughs to all objects in each scene. We have been working on these pages continuously and we keep filling our database with new stuff. Here you can find a walkthrough to all the Manor scenes, Estates, Episodes, Grounds, Featured, and also Fast Find and Guardian Challenge. The aim of these pages is make your playing more pleasant and gain an advantage over your opponent in the Fast Find scenes.

If you want to help us with adding new objects to scenes or you find a subject we haven't covered yet, send us a screenshot and we will add the object.

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We are a group of fans and we would like to process even bonus scenes, but unfortunately we don't have enough means. If you want to financially support us we would be grateful. Your name will be mentioned in a sponsored scene.

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