Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: no
Used words: Ballerina, Beef Jerky, Beware Sign, Biscuit, Blue Ribbon, Butterfly Clip, Button, Cat, Choke Chain, Clover Leaf, Cookie Jar, Corn Dog, Crescent Moon, Crown, Dog Balloon, Dog Bones, Dog Carrier, Dog Chart, Dog Tags, Dog Topiary, Doggy Door, Doggy Shampoo, Doggy Sweater, Drumstick, Fire Hydrant, Flea Medicine, Flying Disk, Football, Friendship Sign, Golden Dogbowl, Golf Trophy, Hair Brush, Hair Trimmer, Harness, Heart, Hot Dog, Key Hooks, Knit Cap, Leash, Measuring Tape, Muzzle, Nail Trimmer, Newspaper, Old Shoe, Orange Ribbon, Paper Bag, Paw Print, Peanut Butter, Pillow, Pink Flower, Plaque, Poopie Bag, Popper, Puddle, Raquet Ball, Rawhide Chew, Rope Toy, Rubber Clown, Rubber Duckie, Sausages, Scroll, Silver Dogbowl, Snake Toy, Sock Monkey, Sponges, Spot Remover, Stick, Summer Hat, Tassel, Teddy Bear, Tennis Ball, Towel, Whistle, Wrapped Gift
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