Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 73
Super clue: Fill Chandeliers
Used words: Ammo Belt, Backgammon Board, Banana Bunch, Basket, Big Ben, Bird Caller, Biscuit Tin, Blotter, Boy, Brazier, Briefcase, Bronze Button, Butterfly, Cilantro, Clip Board, Cobra, Coconut, Coins, Collar Box, Compass, Conch Shell, Cricket Ball, Cricket Bat, Curry Powder, Desk Oil Lamp, Dictionary, Elephant, Fig Leaf, Figs, Flag, Flask, Fountain Pen, Globe, Hand Fan, Hand Mirror, Hanging Lamp, Incense Container, Ink Bottle, Ink Spill, Jacket, Jasmine, Letter, Monkey, Newspaper, Papaya, Parasol, Paw Print, Peacock Feather, Pipe, Pith Helmet, Pocket Watch, Polished Teapot, Pouch, Queen Portrait, Rice, Rifle, Sailing Ship, Scissors, Shiva, Shoe Brush, Sitar, Slippers, Spectacles, Spiral, Star Sapphire, Sword, Tea Cup, Tea Leaves, Tiger Head, Turtle, Whip, White Pitcher, Wolf
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