Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: Use Gramophone
Used words: Alarm Clock, Antique Lamp, Apple, Baseball Cards, Basketball, Bean Bag, Bear Skin Rug, Bell Bottoms, Boxing Gloves, Bubble Gum Machine, Cactus, Camera, Cocktail Shaker, Coffee Maker, Coin Collection, Crystal Ball, Cup and Saucer, Decanter, Diamond Ring, Discoball, Drumset, Drumsticks, Egg Chair, Eight Track Tape, Electric Guitar, Encyclopedias, Fez, Fondue Pot, Football, Gaming Console, Gloves, Goblet, Gold Necklace, Golf Club, Hand Print, Helmet, High Heels, Hookah, ID Bracelet, Jet Pack, Lava Lamp, Leather Jacket, Leather Purse, Leisure Suit, License Plate, Macrame Planter, Magazine, Martini Glasses, Moccasins, Mood Ring, Motorcycle, Mustache, Oil Painting, Owl, Pocket Watch, Portable Record Player, Revolver, Rollerskates, Silver Teapot, Skateboard, Slot Cars, Sports Jersey, Sunglasses, Tape Recorder, Telephone, Telescope, Television, Tennis Bracelet, Tiara, Tie Dye, Trophy, Vase, Wallet, Wig
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