Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: no
Used words: Alarm, Amplifier, Ash Tray, Balloons, Bananas, Barcode, Beads, Bolt, Boots, Butterfly, Camera, Canvas, Car, Cardboard Boxes, Cash, Cat, Champagne, Champagne Flute, Chewing Gum, Cigarettes, Clock, Clothes Rack, Cup, Dachshund, Disco Ball, Drums, Drumstick, Extinguisher, Fan, Feather Boa, Feathers, Film Camera, Film Reel, Fragile, Fur Coat, Gloves, Graffiti, Green Paint, Guitar, Guitar Case, Handbag, Hat, Headphones, Jukebox, Ladybug, Lighter, Lips, Lizard, Mannequins, Mic, Mirror, Newspaper, One Way, Paint Roller, Paintbrushes, Paper Folder, Peace, Pigeons, Poster, Projector, Record, Record Player, Rorschach Blot, Shadow, Stop, Striped T-Shirt, Sunglasses, Tablets, Tambourine, Telephone, Thought Bubble, Walking Stick, Whip, Wig
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