Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 75
Super clue: no
Used words: Ball, Bamboo Bucket, Bamboo Spout, Bells, Blanket, Bronze Cricket, Butterfly, Calligraphy Brush, Calligraphy Paper, Candies, Cat, Cattails, Cherries, Cherry Blossoms, Chopsticks, Coins, Comb, Crane, Crescent, Dagger, Dog Statue, Dragon, Embroidered Sash, Exotic Flower Vase, Fan, Fox Statue, Frog, Gosho Doll, Green Bamboo, Hand Mirror, Hanging Flute, Hornet, Hydrangea, Ikebana Basket, Incense Burner, Inkstone, Japanese Lute, Japanese Robin, Kimono, Koto Harp, Mandarin Duck, Mask, Omamori Bag, Parasol, Peach, Pearl Hairpin, Perfume Bottle, Photograph, Pickles, Porcelain Geisha, Prayer Beads, Red Make-up, Rice Balls, Sake Barrel, Sake Pitcher, Sandals, Ship, Spider, Stone Lantern, Sun, Tea Caddy, Tea Cup, Tea Powder, Tea Whisk, Teapot, Tear, Toe Socks, Tray, Wall Scroll, Water Scoop, White Makeup, Wind Bell, Woodblock Print, Wooden Idol, Wrapped Container
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