Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 73
Super clue: no
Used words: 'Express', Airplane, Banana, Bicycle, Bouquet, Bracelet, Bread, Bristle Brush, Broken Window, Broom, Cane, Canteen, Cigarette Case, Clock, Coffee Mug, Coin, Compact, Conductor Cap, Dog, Donut, Dress Shoes, Eiffel Tower, Eyeglasses, Fire Crackers, First Aid Kit, Flag, Fountain Pen, Frieze, Gift, Gloves, Graffiti, Grocery Bag, Hairnet Picture, Handkerchief, Hanging Sign, Hat, Jacket, Kitten, Ladies Shoes, Lighter, Luggage Cart, Matchbook, Medal, Men's Hat, Moon, Movie Star Magazine, Pay Phone, Pennant, Photo, Pigeon, Platform Sign, Puddle, Purse, Ribbon, Sand Bag, Satchel, Scarf, Shaving Razor, Shoe Polish, Soda Bottle, Stroller, Suit Case, Ticket, Tickets Sign, Toolbox, Train Schedule, Trash Can, Trunk, Typewriter, Wallet, War Poster, Watch, Whistle
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