Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 68
Super clue: no
Used words: Almonds, Balloon Dog, Balloons, Baseball Card, Bottle Cap, Box of Chocolates, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Cake Icing Bag, Candy Eggs, Candy Fruit, Candy Mold, Candy Necklace, Caramel Apples, Caramels, Chocolate Bunny, Cinnamon Sticks, Clock, Clown, Cotton Candy, Daffodils, Daisies, Dog, Doughnut, Dyed Eggs, Empty Jar, Fig Cookies, Fire Hydrant, Fire Truck, Fluffy Chick, Food Coloring, Fruit Tart, Fudge, Glove, Gumball Machine, Gummy Fish, Gummy Worms, Hearts, Honey Bee, Ice Cream Cone, Jelly Beans, Ladybug, Licorice, Lollipop Bouquet, Mint Leaves, Peppermint Cake, Peppermints, Popcorn Balls, Raspberry, Rock Candy, Rose, Rubber Band Ball, Sandal, Scale, Scissors, Service Bell, Spatula, Spinning Top, Spoon, Star, Strawberry, Streamers, Sundae, Swirl Sticks, Thermometer, Tulips, Vanilla Beans, Wax Lips
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