Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 68
Super clue: Half Dozen Roses
Used words: Admission Ticket, Airbrush, Autumn Leaf, Baby, Backpack, Bagel, Barcode, Bird, Black Paint Tube, Blank Canvas, Blown Light, Bottle, Bracelet, Briefcase, Brown Paint Tube, Brushes, Bullseye, Camera, Cat, Clamp, Clay, Clean Brush, Coffee Mug, Coin, Colored Pencils, Cord, Desk Lamp, Dirty Liquid, Empty Frames, Fan, Faucet, Finger Painting, Fingerprint, Glue, Glue Gun, Inkwell, Italian Tile, Jade Crocodile, Kneeling Man, Letter A, Magnifying Glass, Paint Can, Palette, Paper Mache Mask, Pastels, Pawprint, Peeling Paint, Pennies, Pin, Potted Ivy, Putty Knife, Radio, Red Goblet, Red Paint Tube, Ring, Roller, Rubber Gloves, Sand, Sea Sponge, Smile, Spilled Paint, Standing Man, Sunflower, Tripod, Turpentine, Watercolors, Waterfall, Yardstick
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