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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: Crown the Dog
Used words: Accordion, Antlers, Baby Stroller, Badge, Ball, Balloons, Banana Bunch, Bangles, Banjo, Baton, Bolo Tie, Boot, Bottlecap, Bunny Ears, Camera, Clown Suit, Coaster, Coin Purse, Cork, Cotton Candy, Crawfish, Cricket, Cymbal, Daisy Chain, Dice, Drum, Dust Pan, Egyptian Mask, Fire Hydrant, Fleur de lis, Fox Mask, Gold Pom Pom, Hotdog, Hubcap, Jester Cap, Ladybug, Lamp Shade, Leather Jacket, Lighter, Matador Jacket, Note, Oriole, Pair of Shoes, Parasol, Party Whistle, Peanuts, Photos, Pick, Pineapple, Pink Elephant, Pinwheel, Pogostick, Rainbow Lollipop, Rainbow Wig, Rattle, Red Robe, Rooster, Shell, Silver Fork, Straw Hat, Sunglasses, Tambourine, Tassle, Top Hat, Trident, Tutu, Unicycle, War Bonnet, Watermelon, Wine Bottle
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