Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 76
Super clue: no
Used words: Abacus, Arrow, Bamboo Pole, Belt, Birdcage, Bonsai Tree, Book, Boots, Bow, Brush Holder Cup, Calligraphy Brush, Candlestick, Carp, Cat, Ceremonial Horn, Chair, Chinese Squirrel, Chopsticks, Cinnabar Ewer, Cloisonne Pitcher, Cloisonne Vase, Coin, Crane, Cricket, Door Knocker, Dragon, Drum, Emperor's Hat, Emperor's Helmet, Emperor's Necklace, Emperor's Robe, Fan, Fingernail Guard, Firecrackers, Flute, Fu Lion, Gold Cup, Green Feathers, Horse, Hunting Dog, Imperial Flag, Imperial Seal, Inkstone, Ivory Vase, Jade Basin, Jeweled Box, Lotus, Lute, Misty Trees Scroll, Monkeys, Nightingale, Noodles, Painted Teapot, Pair of Tassels, Peaches, Peacock Feather, Pinecone, Quiver, Rabbit, Rat, Red Flower, Red Plate, Rhinoceros, Ring, Rug, Scroll Container, Silk Bolt, Snail, Stag, Star, Sword Scabbard, Therapy Balls, Tiger, Turtle, Written Poem, Yin Yang
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