Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: no
Used words: Airtank, Atomic Trophy, Backpack, Binoculars, Bomb, Book, Briefcase, Brochure, Camera, Cap, Caution, Chandelier, Clock, Coaster, Coffee Cup, Coins, Computer, Copper Reel, Electrical Box, Exit, Flag, Gas Mask, Geiger Counter, Glass Table, Globe Bed, Goggles, Hot Air Balloon, Jacket, Jet, Kiosk, Lamp, Magazine Stand, Mushroom Cloud, Music Player, No Smoking, Nuclear Plant, Overhead Projector, Pen Stand, Plasma Ball, Porthole, Purse, Radioactive Suit, Red Light, Red Pipe, Red Stool, Robot, Robot Vacuum, Rocket Lamp, Rope, Safety Line, Satellite Dish, Scarf, Silhouette, Slippery When Wet, Smart Phone, Socket, Spaceship, Spotlight, Strap, Switch Box, Television, Test Tubes, Ticket, Trash Can, Triangle, Trolley, Turbine, Umbrella, Valve Wheel, Velvet Rope
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