Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: no
Used words: 'Gelato', Apple Core, Ashtray, Beret, Bicycle, Bougainvillea, Camera, Candle, Cane, Cheese Platter, Cigar, Coatrack, Concert Poster, Concert Ticket, Crow, Cushion, Dagger, Doorknocker, Doorway Shadow, Duffle Bag, Faucet, Film Roll, Fur Stole, Garden Shears, Gloves, Graffiti, Gramophone, Grapes, Guitar, Hanging Clothes, Heart, Inky Puddle, Kite, Lizzard, Loose Tile, Magazine, Man's Hat, Manhole Cover, Moth, Mud Pile, Muddy Footprint, Music Box, Newspaper, Oil Can, Oil Painting, Oil Slick, Opera Mask, Pail, Pasta, Pearls, Photograph, Pizza, Purse, Push Scooter, Radio, Rat, Rope, Rose, Rubber Boots, Scarf, Screwdriver, Silhouette, Small Umbrella, Soccer Ball, Stick Man, Sunglasses, Trashcan, Trenchcoat, Wall Crack, Wallet, Wine Bottle, Wine Glass, Woman's Hat, Wrench
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