Hidden Chronicles

Home > Manor > Chapter 12: Magna Carta > Canterbury Cathedral
Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: no
Used words: 2-Wheeled Cart, Anvil, Apple, Archbishop's Hat, Archbishop's Seal, Axe (c), Balance, Basket, Beehive, Beer Barrel, Boar Tusk, Bread, Bucket, Butter Churn, Cabbage, Canterbury Cross, Cat, Cheese (c), Chicken, Chisel, Crosier, Crossbow (c), Daffodils, Drying Herbs, Drying Parchment, Falcon, Feed Trough, Fix Footbridge, Fox Gloves, Gold Goblet, Goose, Grain, Grapes (c), Honeycomb, Horse, Horseshoe, Hound, Jug, Knife, Ladder, Magna Carta, Mason's Hammer, Monk's Robe, Mortar and Pestle, Mouse, Onion, Ox, Quarter Staff, Quill, Rabbit, Rake, Raven, Raw Stone, Reliquary, Roast Chicken, Saddle, Sausages (c), Saw, Sheep, Shovel, Sickle (c), Spear, Spoon, Stool, Swallow, Table, Tankard, Wheelbarrow, Wooden Plate, Yoke
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