Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: Paint Ball Yellow
Used words: Angel Wings, Ants, Badminton Birdie, Bagpipes, Balloon, Baseball, Beehive, Bench, Blue Lily, Bluebird, Brass Plaque, Broken Branch, Broom, Bucket, Butterfly, Car, Crown, Crumpled Newspaper, Daisies, Dog, Dog Leash, Doll, Emerald, Faucet, Flagpole, Flamingo, Flying Disc, Football, Frog, Garbage Bin, Gloves, Gnome, Goose, Heart, Hopscotch, Horn, Ice Cream Cone, Jump Rope, Kite, Knothole, Koi, Lamp, Lawn Chair, Lawn Darts, Lawn Mower, Letter, Marbles, Mushrooms, Net, Opal, Open Book, Paper Boat, Paper Cup, Parking Meter, Patch, Picnic Basket, Pocket Watch, Rake, Ruby, Sheep, Shovel, Snail, Soccer Ball, Squirrel, Star, Stroller, Tail, Tennis Racket, Tennis Shoes, Thermos, Ticket, Tie, Violin Case, Wheelbarrow
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