Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 74
Super clue: Wine for Two
Used words: Apron, Barrel, Belt, Bird's Nest, Blocks of Wax, Boots, Bowl, Box of Screws, Brass Rail, Broken Glass, Brown Mold, Bucket, Caliper, Cane, Carpenter's Square, Chalk Powder, Cheese, Chest, Chisel, Clamp, Corks, Cracked Egg, Dish, Dog, Drill Bits, Face Mask, Fingerprint, Gavel, Gloves, Grapes, Hammer, Hand Drill, Hanger, Harp, Hinge, Hole Puncher, Hook, Incense, Jars, Jewelry Box, Knife, Lantern, Lathe, Logs, Loose Buckle, Mallet, Measuring Tape, Mirror, Oil Spill, Pigeon, Pocket Watch, Quill, Rag, Rat, Red Violin, Rolled Paintings, Sandpaper, Satchel, Scissors, Scrub Brush, Sickle, Smoking Pipe, Stack of Beams, Stack of Papers, Stool, Tacks, Telescope, Tinsnips, Tweezers, Vineyard, Violin Blueprint, Violin Strings, Wood Knot, Wooden Dowels
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