Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 67
Super clue: Finish Painting Star
Used words: Air Conditioner, Antenna, Arrow, Beanbag, Blue Bulb, Book, Broken Bottle, Broken Record, Chain, Chain Link Fence, Chinese Take-out, Clothing Iron, Deflated Baloon, Dog, Floor Lamp, Footprint, Gas Can, Gear, Green Bottle, Hammer, Hanging Flowers, Heart, Hopscotch, Horse Nippers, Horseshoe, Italian Violin, Keep Out Sign, Knife, Ladle, Lion, Lost Cat, Lunchbox, Missing Brick, Moth, Motorcycle, Mouse, Newspaper, No Parking, Oil Spill, Orange, Pillow, Pipe Wrench, Pizza Box, Raccoon, Rose, Rusty Nails, Sandbag, Saw, Screwdriver, Security Camera, Shopping Cart, Shovel, Smoking Pipe, Spiderweb, Spring, Stepping Stool, T-Shirt, Telephone, Tennis Shoes, Tin Cup, Tire, Trash Bag, Twine, Voleyball, Wallet, Watermelon, Window Fan
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