Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: Assemble Headress
Used words: African Shield, Afro, American Boots, Beard, Belly Dancer, Blue Hat, Blue Platforms, Camouflage Jacket, Chaps, Clown Hat, Clown Mask, Coconut Bikini, Cowboy Boots, Crown, Cymbals, Deer Sweater, Deerstalker Hat, Dove, Fabric, Face Paint, Fake Blood, False Teeth, Fedora, Fez, Fireman's Boots, Fireman's Suit, Flamenco Dancer, Funhouse Mirror, Gloves, Gnome Boots, Gorilla Suit, Grass Skirt, Gym Shorts, Hair Die, Hook, Jar of Beads, Measuring Tape, Mushroom, Mustaches, Nurse Costume, Old-Fashioned Wig, Parrot, Pink Bow, Plastic Guns, Plastic Swords, Pouch, Rabbit, Raccoon Tail Hat, Ray Gun, Roller Skates, Roman Helmet, Sandal, Saxophone, Scissors, Silly Cushion, Silver Boots, Sleeping Mask, Sports Jersey, Suspenders, Taxi Hat, Telescope, Tennis Shoes, Tiara, Umbrella, Viking Helmet, Wands, Wax Lips, Wedding Gown, Yellow Wig, Zoot Suit
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