Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 68
Super clue: Patch Stone Wall
Used words: Animal Bones, Animal Pelt, Bag of Beans, Barrel, Box of Oats, Branded Sign, Branding Iron, Brass Firedogs, Broom, Carved Bowl, Caterpillar, Cattle Skull, Chains, Chipmunk, Collie, Cork, Cornhusks, Cow, Doorknob, Extra Lumber, Firepot, Firewood, Folded Clothes, German Shepherd, Hairy Spider, Hand Bellows, Handsaw, Hay, Hay Bale, Hoe, Horseshoe, ID Bracelet, knot, Lawn Mower, Lizard, Meat Hook, Metal Bucket, Moth, Nippers, Oil Canister, Oil Lamp, Owl, Ox, Padlock, Patched Roof, Picture Frame, Pig, Pitchfork, Primitive Staples, Rake, Rat, Rifle, Rocking Chair, Rooster, Sack of Potatoes, Saddle, Sapling, Scrub Brush, Seed Packet, Shovel, Sickle, Soap Suds, Wagon, Well, Wheat, Wheelbarrow, Wooden Chest, Yoke
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