Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 72
Super clue: Fix Rocking Horse
Used words: Amber, Bell, Birdcage, Boa, Bracelet, Butterfly, Candelabra, Cherries, Chocolates, Clock, Coins, Comb, Corset, Curling Iron, Decorative Egg, Doll, Dragonfly, Eagle, Fairy, Feather, Fiddlestick, Floral Hat, Fur Coat, Goldfish, Grapes, Green Bow, Hair Clip, Heart, Hoop, Horse Painting, Humming Bird, Ink Spill, Jewelry Case, Kite, Knitting Needles, Lace, Lamp, Lapdog, Lightning, Magpie, Meat, Mirror, Moon, Music Box, Nesting Doll, Opera Glasses, Orange, Paintbrush, Pearl Necklace, Piano, Pinecone, Powder, Powder Puff, Red Button, Red Gloves, Scarf, Schoolbook, Ship, Silver Brooch, Slippers, Soldier, Spool of Thread, Spoon, Stars, Teacup, Threaded Needle, Tiara, Treble Clef, Turtle, Umbrella, Unicorn, Yarn
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