Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: Shoot Brown Bottle
Used words: Ace-high Straight, Anvil, Apron, Axe, Barstool, Basket, Bear, Bib Overalls, Boot, Bullwhip, Burlap Bag, Cactus, Candle, Chewing Tabacco, Cigar, Club, Cow, Deed, Diamond, Drink Tray, Eagle, Empty Mug, Envelope, Feather, Fiddle, Folded Hand, Full House, Gold Nugget, Gun Holster, Hand Mirror, Handkerchief, Heart, Herding Dog, Horse and Rider - Je to ten plakat?, Horseshoe, Jail Keys, Jerky, Lantern, Log, Meat Hook, Noose, One Ounce Glass, Pair of Threes, Piano, Pocket Watch, Poker Chips, Raccoon Tail, Rag, Rattlesnake, Raw Cotton, Rifle, Rooster, Saddle, Sheep, Sheriff's Badge, Shish Kebab, Snake Eyes, Snakeskin, Spade, Spittoon, Spur, Stack of Coins, Staircase, Swivel Doors, Tin Mug, Torn Paper, Trough, Tumbleweed, Vodka, Wheel
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