Hidden Chronicles

Home > Manor > Chapter 7: The Midas Touch > Panhandle Creek
Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 71
Super clue: Finish Tent Window
Used words: Ants, Axe, Banjo, Basket, Beaver, Belt, Binoculars, Black Hat, Blue Book, Brick, Broom, Brown Hat, Bucket, Campfire, Canned Food, Canteen, Chessboard, Chopped Wood, Cigarette, Cork Boat, Dam, Dark Glasses, Dog, Dragonfly, Dreamcatcher, Envelope, Feathers, Flask, Fork, Frog, Funnel, Glasses, Gloves, Gold Dollar, Gold Nugget, Gopher, Great Blue Heron, Jacket, Jug, Laundry Bag, Lighter, Lunch Sack, Map, Metal Jug, Moccasins, Mound of Rocks, Mustard Plant, Net, Pan, Pelt, Pickax, Potatoes, Rain Cloud, Rake, Rapids, Rolled Sleeping Bag, Rope, Scale, Shovel, Sifter, Spider, Spoon, Tear, Tent Stake, Tin Cup, Toothbrush, Tray, Trough, Trout, Unlit Oil Lamp, Watch
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