Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 71
Super clue: Reveal Statue
Used words: Belt, Binoculars, Birdcage, Boots, Bottled Boat, Brass Bell, Broken Jewelry Box, Broken Window, Bullwhip, Bust, Candlestick, Canteen, Carved Flute, Cheetah, Cigar, Cigar Box, Cinnamon Sticks, Clay Container, Cobweb, Crocodile, Crown, Cufflinks, Desk Lamp, Dictionary, Dog, Elephant, Encyclopedias, Envelope, Fireplace Tools, Gas Lamp, Glass, Glasses, Gold Nugget, Horse, Leak, Letter, Lever, Lighter, Lotus Idol, Machete, Medusa, Model Car, Nameplate, Oar, Pilot Wings, Pipe, Pistol, Pulley, Raw Granite, Raw Iron, Raw Silver, Razor, Rifle, Scale, Screwdriver, Shark Jaws, Snakeskin, Spotlight, Stack of papers, Stamp, Star Chart, Stool, Telescope, Toolbox, Train Diagram, Treasure Map, Tribal Mask, Tribal Spear, Trophy, Wastebasket, Wrench
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