Hidden Chronicles

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Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: Load Camera
Used words: Ballet Slippers, Beetle, Bird, Bowl of Rice, Box of Chocolates, Cat, Champagne, Chinese Checkers, Chopsticks, Cigar, Clothing Rack, Coasters, Coffee Cup, Coffee Press, Cushion, Dissolving Aspirin, Dog, Dog Bowl, Eye Mask, Feather Boa, Feather Duster, Flower Bouquet, Flowered Barrette, Gloves, Gold Nugget, Golf Ball, Grapes, Hatbox, High Heels, Ice Bucket, Lipstick, Love Letters, Lucky Bamboo, Magazine, Makeup Case, Mannequin, Milkshake, Mixed Nuts, Modern Sculpture, Moon, Moth, Nail Polish, Nautilus Shell, Orange, Paintbrush, Paper Towels, Perfume, Photo Album, Pitcher, Plane Ticket, Polka Dots, Pollock Painting, Purse, Radio, Record, Red Handkerchief, Riding Boots, Signature, Silk Scarf, Small Figurine, Sphinx, Spray Bottle, Starburst, Sun Hat, Sunflower, Table Lamp, Tea Set, Tripod, Ukulele, White Balance Card
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