Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 69
Super clue: Swab the Deck
Used words: Armor, Arrow, Barrel of Rum, Bellows, Broken Lantern, Bugle, Cannonball, Cargo Net, Carpet, Chandelier, Coffin, Compass, Copper Pot, Crate of Lemons, Crib, Crowbar, Deer, Dried Flowers, Drill, Eiffel Tower, Estate Lion, Flask, Fragile, Golden Frame, Grand Piano, Grandfather Clock, Greek Agora, Gunpowder, Headboard, Jacks, Jar of Marbles, Lance, Lever, Mannequin, Map, Melted Candle, Monocle, Nesting Doll, Newspaper, Open Case, Painted Flower, Parchment Scrolls, Peacock, Pick, Poker, Pulley, Rifle, Rocking Horse, Rope, Salt Pork Slab, Scale, Screen, Serving Tray, Sewing Machine, Shovel, Snowshoes, Stamp, Striped Blanket, Suspenders, Tent, Totem Pole, Trophy, Tuba, Unicycle, Washboard, Wedding Dress, Wig, X Marks the Spot, Yo-yo
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