Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 69
Super clue: Rose Petal Heart
Used words: Antlers, Apple, Arrow, Artichoke, Balls of Yarn, Bangle, Basket of Fruit, Beard, Bird Mosaic, Blindfold, Boar, Bow, Bowl of Olives, Bread, Broken Pottery, Bull's Head, Butterfly, Cat, Comb, Cornucopia, Crow, Decorative Pillows, Dice, Dove, Finger Cymbals, Fish, Fishing Net, Flute, Glass Bottle, Goat, Goddess Bust, Golden Cup, Grapes, Headband, Helmet, Horse, Javelin, Lute, Medusa Mask, Mirror, Moon, Mortar and Pestle, Octopus Jug, Oil Jar, Olives on Branch, Orange, Owl, Pegasus Medallion, Pendant, Pitcher, Pomegranate, Rattle, Rooster, Scale, Scroll, Shell, Shield, Snake, Spear, Sphinx, Spilled Wine, Stool, Sundial, Tablet, Three Runners, Torch, Tortoise, Trident, Wreath
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