Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 70
Super clue: Make Martini
Used words: Ankh, Ashtray, Bananas, Billiard Ball, Boater, Bootleg Liquor, Bowl, Bowtie, Broken Record, Brooch, Camera, Candybar, Card, Carnation, Cherries, Cigar, Cigar Holder, Cloche, Clock, Comb, Crystal Ball, Deer, Dog, Dress, Egytian Panel, Feather Boa, Feather Fan, Flask, Floor Lamp, Footstool, Funnel, Glasses, Glove, Golden Earring, Guitar, Gun, Hair Crimper, Handkerchief, Headband, High Heels, Jaguar, Ladle, Letter, Lillies, Marble Column, Mirror, Muff, Nail Polish, Peacock, Pearls, Pennant, Purse, Raccoon Coat, Radio, Record Player, Saxophone, Scarf, Seltzer Bottle, Sheet Music, Sphinx, Star, Still, Swan, Tambourine, Telephone, Tennis Racket, Toothbrush, Turban, Umbrella, White Mask
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