Hidden Chronicles

Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White Hover color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Total objects: 68
Super clue: Fill Jewelry Tree
Used words: Apple, Barette, Black Book, Bow, Box of Chocolate, Briefcase, Butterfly, Calendar, Camera, Carafe, Cat, Clock, Croissant, Diamond Ring, Earring, Egyptian Mask, Emeralds, Eye Lashes, Eyebrow Pencil, Flute, Folding Fan, Fur Coat, Garter Belt, Gold Bracelet, Gold Leaf, Grapes, Hand Mirror, Hanger, Hat, High Heel, Humming Bird, Jewelry Box, Kiss, Knife, Lamp, Lipstick, Lost Sock, Man's Coat, Man's Shoe, Nail Polish, Nightgown, Orange Ribbon, Orchid, Pen, Perfume, Pink Pillow, Potpourri, Purse, Radio, Red Roses, Rouge, Silk Gloves, Silk Scarf, Sleeping Mask, Slik Stockings, Slipper, Stationary, Suitcase, Swiss Cheese, Telephone, Tie, Tweezers, Umbrella, Watch, White Blouse, White Feathers, White Roses, Wine Bottle
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